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Tempuyung powerfull plants

Tempuyung has latin name Sanchus arvensis LTempuyung, Family: Asteraceae (Compositae). There are 4 species found in Southeast Asia, namely S.asper (L) Hill; S.malaianus Miquuel; S.oleraccus S.arvensis L and Lis a plant that grows rapidly in the region 50-1650 meters altitude above the sea level.
Tempuyung Kidney Stones Destroyer.

Not unexpectedly, many plants that grow wild this has important benefits for human health. Tempuyung who had another name Sonchus arvensis, apparently overcome potent kidney stone disease. Only specific for kidney stones alone? No, gout can be intercepted by the plants that spread by seed this. 

Special, consume tempuyung secured, no effect or minimal side effects that are harmful to the human body. Actually, what is meant by kidney stones? Kidney stone disease is the deposition of CaCO3 or calcium carbonate that is languishing in the kidneys or bladder. Without proper care, can be dangerous because the disease can progress to kidney failure. Medically, the disease is usually handled by way of taking the drug, operation, shooting laser beams or shock waves. Determination way for election of course highly dependent on the patient's condition. 

When kidney stones are still small then tried to be out with the urine. Medications that are diuretics aka facilitator of urine, is used in cases like this. But, if the stone has been enlarged, facilitating drug expenditures urine alone is not enough. Kudu drug added stone crusher to break and remove rocks. If the kidney stone is composed of carbonate salts, the drug can be destructive selected acidic compounds in the kidney so karbonatnya crushed or dissolved. Sometimes, too, in case that accompanied the injury, the treatment of patients with kidney stones require drug in the urine is antibacterial. 

Why had injuries could happen? The injury occurred because the stones had damaged kidneys are characterized by the presence of blood in the pee. When the size of a kidney stone is gedhe again, the healing can be done by breaking stones using a laser beam or an ultrasonic shock wave. If efforts had not produced results as well, stone removal surgery is usually performed as the final step of radical. 've Selesaikah problem? Not always the case. Because often after surgery performed, kidney stones may still appear again. 

Meanwhile, the operation itself is something that often makes people scared. This is the right moment to glance back to the natural treatment by using plants that can destroy kidney stones. Experts traditional medicine itself actually has a lot to find plants that have diuretic effects (laxative urine) were able to shed (push) or litotriptik (destroy) kidney stones. Of course, this is a breath of fresh air for everyone affected by kidney stones. 

Some plants that have been studied earlier in between tempuyung, srigunggu, sambang getih, gempur watu, and nasty shard IV. Of all these plants tempuyunglah most popular. How the story really could tempuyung scatters kidney stones? 

It all could not be separated from tempuyung leaves are known to contain high enough levels of potassium substances. The presence of potassium tempuyung leaves is what makes kidney stones scattered in the form of calcium carbonate. Because potassium gets rid of calcium carbonate to join compound, oxalate, or uric which is a kidney stone formers. The precipitate was finally dissolved kidney stones and drifted out with the urine. Kidney stones were eliminated with a simple. However, to prevent the disease is certainly better than cure. The easiest way to prevent kidney stones is to consume plenty of water. The hope, salts forming kidney stones can be diluted and no precipitation occurs. If it was already formed with microscopic size, the salt can be carried out with the urine. 

The Wild Up Class 
Sonchus arvensis L Tempuyung aliases, including chronic herb plants are usually grown in shaded places. These plants live wild in Java, which is a lot of rain in the area at an altitude of 50-1650 m asl. Grown in the open or in a sheltered little rugged, in the dike, on the edge of the water channel (Heyne, 1987). The leaves are green with a little purple slick, wavy edges, and irregularly toothed. Near the base of the stem, toothed leaves that form a rosette terpusar and located on the top hugging intermittent alternating stems. Tempuyung actually is a plant that commonly grows wild in fields, suburban gardens, open land, the home page, on the cliffs, even on the walls. On the walls were cracked tempuyung can grow as seeds and seedlings can be shaped by the wind to nowhere so quickly grow if there is water or moist air. Tempuyung still family with wild plants such as sintrong, mustard, sembung, marigolds, jotang, babadotan, and sunflower.

For the purposes of treatment usually leaves used in powder form tempuyung dried leaves brewed. Valid also use fresh leaves are brewed. Or eat them in as fresh vegetables, all have the same properties panacea. Because of these properties, now in some places people started deliberately planted, even membudidayakaannya. 

As mentioned at the outset, tempuyung not only beneficial to cope with kidney stones, but can also be used for gout. What's up with the gout, and dangerous are these diseases? 

Excess uric acid in the blood is going to be a problem in itself. Because it will cause efflorescence in the joints and blood capillaries, especially in the part close to the joints. Know the consequences? When joints are driven friction will occur crystals that cause pain. Similarly, if the crystals precipitate in the blood capillaries. When we move, uric acid crystals will be pressed into the capillary blood vessel wall, so that the pointed end of the crystal puncture capillary blood vessel walls. Hence arises the sense of pain. 

Buildup of uric acid crystals in the joints causing chronic lymphatic fluid that serves as a lubricant (lubricant) is not functioning. As a result, the joints can not be moved. It often occurs in the elderly due to excess uric acid which was ignored. Uric acid (uric acid), expressed as a compound purine alkaloid derivatives (xanthine). 

His form is a white crystalline, odorless and tasteless, decompose with heating becomes cyanide (HCN), very sparingly soluble in water, soluble in glycerine and alkali. According to Mathews (1991) in his book Biochemistry, uric acid is produced by every living being as a result of major metabolic processes, namely, a chemical process in the cell nucleus that support the survival function. The process starts from foods such as carbohydrates, proteins, and cellulose (fiber) through a chemical process lines that KREBS cycle that will produce power (energy) and chemicals that the body needs. In the event of irregularities in this process, especially in people aged 40 years and older or elderly, the uric acid will accumulate. 

In addition to naturally occurring, uric acid in the blood may also increase due to external factors, especially of food and beverages that can stimulate the formation of uric acid. Foods that can stimulate the formation of uric acid is a food that has high levels of carbohydrate and protein. Examples of these foods include beans, chips or crackers mlinjo, especially organ meats, and chocolate because it contains Theobromine an alkaloid derivative of purines. Similarly, caffeine-containing beverages such as coffee, tea, and cola will also cause an increase in uric acid. This is all due to coffee, tea and colas contain purine alkaloid derivative (ksantin). If the blood levels of these alkaloids is high enough, then the presence of the enzyme oxidase ksantin will form uric acid. Reduction or prevention of medically against pain in the joints or arthritis is not so much to do, because there are no drugs that can reduce excessive levels of uric acid in the blood. 

Medically attempted to reduce the pain by administering analgesic drugs (the removal of pain or pain) or give Analgesic (liniment) to reduce pain at the pain part. Sometimes given diuretics to increase the discharge of fluid in the body in the hope of most of the uric acid will come out with the liquid. Last but not many ways to help. However, according to a study has found chemical compounds that can suppress the occurrence of uric acid in the body. 

According to Paul Cos and colleagues from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Antwerp, Belgium, several compounds are antioxidant flavonoids that can inhibit enzymes work ksantin oxidase and superoxide reaction, resulting in the formation of uric acid become blocked or reduced. 

Based on the above mechanism, some medicinal plants native to Indonesia (OAI), based on the chemical content, has indicated to overcome the uric acid. Plant OAI-containing compounds that have high enough flavonoida, safe to use and easy to obtain for the prevention of the formation of uric acid in the body. Well, at the plant in question is tempuyung. 

Tempuyung including familia plants Asteraceae . It is a chronic herbaceous plants, erect, contains sap, and has a strong taproot. 

In addition, also used as a drug tempuyung bruised in a collision with a way put them on the swelling, relieve fatigue, and a sense of fatigue (Rusdeyti, 1985). In China tempuyung leaves used as medicine and insecticide.

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