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Shalah and healthy

Muslim prayers are looking at a very large liability for, ie, as a form of worship that is routine with movements and tedious reading. As a result, we believe that prayer is simply the obligation of God to man, so often times we are reluctant to do so faith is weakened. Though very obvious fact that behind the movement and reading God gives a great benefit for us. That is evidence of the nature of God Rahman in humans. If only humans are good at reading ... Soobhanallah 

In this regard, my findings reveal benefits are spectacular research on the movement and reading prayers, among others: 

1. Shalah can cure rheumatism 
The scientists and doctors revealed, one way to cure rheumatism (especially the spine) is a muscle imbalance caused by exercise. Based on the advice of a doctor is there is no best solution to avoid early arthritis except by praying 5 times a consistent basis, because the prayer movement is the best type of movement that is able to restore muscle function properly. 
The movement in question is bowing movement, standing upright and prostrate. of course the movement is a movement that tuma'nina (unhurried) and preferably longer. Movement carried out repeatedly that the best therapy and healing for those who suffer the greatest bone disease in a fast time. 

2. Benefits of Prayer for the smooth circulatory system and heart disease therapy 
Medical research reveals that cases of blockage of blood circulation which impact on the inhibition of lung function and the case of blockage of blood circulation in the legs is not including cases that experienced by the Muslims who do the prayer discipline. This case is commonly experienced by patients degan 5 percentage than a thousand non-Muslims after surgery. Why, because medical studies reveal that the movement of bowing and prostration in a long time is able to stabilize the heart rate, so that the blood circulation running smoothly and minimize the acute high blood pressure in the head. Subhanallah ... 

3. Praying is the best sport movement 
The last few years the disease spread among the population desk french desk diseases spread by percentage 18 of 20 people due to sitting for a long time in the library. The funny thing is, the doctors who analyzed it and concluded that even recommends prayer in Islam is the best solution for the treatment of diseases desk. Why ?, known medically as the discipline to pray every prayer time plus night, impact on changes in muscle movement and it is able to generate a new spirit in the body, scrape the fat deposits around the abdomen and thighs and slow the effects of aging on the body. In fact, the consistency of prayer has been able to maintain an ideal body shape and movement as well as accelerate the emergence of the vitality of the body as a non-stop 24 hours a day. thus prayer is the easiest exercises and suitable as though the body in maintaining a healthy body. 

4. Benefits of Wudu ( ablution ) in Skin Cancer Therapy 
Various studies relating to factors that trigger skin cancer revealed that the dominating factor is the rise of skin cancer because many chemicals are absorbed by the skin, and the best solution to prevent this is to eliminate it by cleaning it repeatedly. In addition, the sweat and grease that comes out of the pores of the body and mixes with dust in general contain harmful chemicals and bacteria. So still doubt the benefits of ablution? 

5. Benefits Istinsyaag 
Istinsyaaq is clear the nostrils by means of sucking water in nostrils and removing it back. A group of researchers from the Faculty of Medicine in Alexandria Egypt, in collaboration with the research groups of health and medicine to do research to uncover the relationship between science and ablution activities.The result is that the nose is generally pale, dirty, oily, full of fiber dust and dirt. On the nose hair is generally susceptible lice from dust and dirt. Dirty nose found a collection of microbes and bacteria. In fact, many diseases are spread through breathing, ranging from influenza, pneumonia, paralysis and other diseases. So, Istinsyaaq and therapy is the best solution because it is done over and over again when going to pray 

5. Prayer able to reduce concerns within 
Various modern psychology studies reveal that all human motivation and a sense of power is closely related to chemical changes in the brain. Increased adrenaline in the body is proportional to the increase in concern in a person. Furthermore, it will affect the heart rate increased blood pressure due to the heart. In addition, the nerve to be away from the digestive system so that the process is interrupted. Sugar levels in the liver accumulate more and the percentage increase in blood flow. If all this continues to happen, then the problem of the body and the brain eventually ensued. Upheavals of thought and drift into the impact of this behavior is a bad influence. 

In the daily newspaper "London West" revealed that for 10 years, held a European comparative study between those who are always perform ritual worship discipline with those who never at all. conclusion that they get is that the percentage of people with high blood pressure, heart disease, depression and stress is not so much to attack them consistent with the ritual worship. 

With prayers that humility 'concerns can be ascertained within will be lost. So it is true what The Prophet said: "Exert ourselves with prayer, O Bilal". the invitation of the Prophet so that he azan bilal and friends to pray for hope and reassuring him 

6. Benefits of Prostration in terms of Health Substance 
Repetition of prostration in prayer every day at least be 34 x. Numbers of prostation considered the right to increase the activity of the body's muscles and nerves also maintain a balance between the joints, particularly the hands, thighs. knees and feet. With activity also prostrate, blood circulation in the body can walk and move easily from top to bottom. Additionally fold increase in the capable hands of the blood circulation of the top wrist downward until it is able to prevent the infection that primarily affects the wrist. 

7. Benefits khusyu' ( Concentration ) in Praying 
William Molton Marstein, a psychologist at the magazine "Reader's Digest" revealed that that the ability to concentrate the mind commonly experienced by each individual in his life. For example, a leader will concentrate his mind in the face of problems. It can reduce the ability to concentrate and even damage it is an aberration and is too busy to indulge in lust. William also revealed that the reason is an awesome tool and has a great ability when focused on a point. 
In connection with the exercise done in America speak to an object by presenting careful in every sentence uttered with the purpose of enhancing the spirit and strength to desire in the move. If only they knew about the prayer of the Muslims. And please note: an object in prayer is the Essence of the Supreme Court, of course, gained strength very much. Soobhanallah 

Lately, emerging legal controversy forbidden to yoga. Many pros and cons of the issue. I can not justify that law. But, referring to the benefits of devoutness in prayer as well as the finding that the prayer was able to allay fears within themselves to reach out to God, the Essence of the Supreme Court, then why are we even turning away from prayer which is a powerful manifestation meditation and yoga? It does not need to be debated by the drain reason. 

"Truly truly lucky people who believe, (namely) the people humility 'in prayer" (Surah Al-Mu'minuun 1-2) 

8. The enermous Tahajjud ( namaz ) praying and dawn (on time) 
Through various studies, experiments and studies, reveals a scientific fact that a person who sleep in a very long time will be highly susceptible to heart disease. This is because the fat in the blood sticks to the wall surrounding the nerves in the heart. The scholars and many modern scientists recommend that every man woke up after 4 hours, then make gestures or engage in activities that require muscle during the fourth hour. It is useful to avoid the danger of heart attack and maintain the vitality of the body, especially the heart because of fat deposits to avoid it. 
So Islam has preceded the modern findings in expressing the above phenomena to then suggest a beautiful body health management, namely by encouraging each individual to be able to get up to pray namaz at third last night and continued with the morning prayers. 

Narrated Ali, the Prophet said, "In heaven there is a room that could be seen from the outside and the inside can be seen from the outside". Then an Arab asked. "Intended for whom the place, O Messenger of Allah?" He replied, "For anyone who has a good speech, providing meals to people in need, consistently implementing fast and pray for the sake of His good pleasure while expecting others 're asleep. "(Ahmad) 

And if you understand now mate? one additional sentence in the dawn prayer call to prayer: 
"Ash-shalaatu Khairun Minan Naum" 
Fajr prayer on time "is better than sleep 

Hopefully this is helpful and adds to the repertoire of us all (especially my own) and increase to our faith. Ameen.

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