Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sengugu for bronchitis help

This plants has so many efficacy in natural healing desase. we call it senggugu or in latin name called Clerodendrum serratum (L.) Moon

Grows wild in open places or somewhat protected, can be found in secondary forests, grasslands, edge of the village, near the edge of the road or slightly damp soil water from lowlands to 1,700 m above sea level . Senggugu allegedly tropical plant native to Asia. Shrubs erect, 1-3 m, hollow stems, large nodular, gray-black color roots. 

Single leaf, thick and stiff, short-stemmed, lies opposite, egg round to oblong shape, tapered tip and base, sharp jagged edges, pinnate pinnate, both surfaces smooth-haired, long 8-30 cm, width 4-14 cm, green color . Compound inflorescence forms a panicle length 6-40 cm, purplish white color, out of the ends of the stems. Buni fruit, ovoid, young green, after the old black. Propagation by seed.

Chemical nature: leaf: it contains potassium, sodium and alkoloid little; Leather Roots: phenol glycosides; Leather Trunk: triterpenoid compounds, oleanolat acid, acid and acid quertaroat serratogerat; Root bark: phenolic glycoside, mannitol and sitosterol. Pharmacological Effects: Its bitter, spicy and cool and relieve pain.

Family: Verbenaceae

Other names: Singgugu (Sunda). srigunggu, sagunggu (Java) .; Kertase, edge tosek (Madura). senggugu (Malay) .; Rays baungkudu (Toba Batak), review of explosives (Lampung),; San tai hong hua (China) .

Part of the plant used: Leaves, bark and flowers.

Cultivation Method: By means of cuttings.

Diseases that can be cured and how to use them.

Broken bones, wounds hit, bitten by a snake, boils: Plant pounded creamed and paste into the wound.

Watery ulcers, rheumatism: fresh leaves crushed and then boiled and apply to the affected part.

Abdominal edema, Worms: Leaves invitation brewed temu lawak ginger (Curcuma xanthorrhizaand salt and drunk.

Asthma, bronchitis, Difficult urination: Drinking steeping roots.

Malaria, Restoring power after childbirth, Clearing sound.

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