Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pulutan herbal plants

Pulutan or in Latin name: Urena lobata L.

Habitat: Grows on the ground a little sunlight, not humid in the lowlands to 1750 m asl.

Name of area: Pungpulutan; Pungpurutan; Legetan; Polot; Kaporata.

Description of the plant: 
Shrubs, 1-2 meters high, woody stems, hairy, purple. Single leaf, oval, hairy green to purple. Single flowers, in axillary panicles, red color. Fruit box, covered with hair as brown brush, beans, white triangle.

Simplesia Name: Urenae lobatae Radix, Urenae lobatae Herba.

Plant part used: Root; All parts of the plant.

Chemical constituents: Alkaloids; potassium salt.

Benefits: Anti-inflammatory; antirheumatic; hemostatic; antipyretic.

The traditional recipe:

Dysentery, abdominal pain, fever.
Roots Pulutan 2 fingers; 1 tablespoon arrowroot flour; 2 cups water, boil Boiled, Drink tea instead of drinking water.

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