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We call leunca in bahasa indonesia or Latin name: Solanum nigrum L.
Name of area: Rampi; Ranti; Piit; Boose; Bobase
Habitat: It grows wild in many places in the lowlands to 3000 m above sea level.

Description of the plant: Plants annual, 30-175 cm high, branched stout. The leaves are alternate location, clustered, ovoid shape, tapered tip and base, wavy edges until smooth. Panicle compound interest, number 2-10 florets, white or violet. Panicle compound interest, number 2-10 florets, white or violet. Buni fruit, round, 0.8-1 cm diameter, contained in bunches, green, purple-black when ripe or black, shiny, containing many seeds. It feels crisp, slightly, and somewhat unpleasant.

Simplesia Name: Folium solani.

Plant part used: Leaves
Chemical Ingredients: Glikoalkaloid solanine; Solasonin; Solamargin; Solasodin; Solanidin; diosgenin; tigogenin; atropine; saponin; Tanning substances; Fatty oils; calcium; phosphorus; Iron; Vitamins A and C.

Efficacy: Analgesic; anti-inflammatory; antibacterial

The herbal recipe:

Leunca leaves 70 g; 5 cups water, Boiled until boiling for 15 minutes, 3-4 times a day Drink.

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