Thursday, August 14, 2014

Batu Landak fights cancer and more

Geliga Hedgehog or batu landak in bahasa indonesia is very rare stones,

Geliga Hedgehogs are "stones" found in the rare porcupine stomach.

Hedgehogs are mammals that live in the forest. It has a layer of sharp spines that defend them from predators.

He has a strong vitality, often sick but can quickly recover, he was herbivorous.

It is said that when the hedgehog was injured or sick, he will look for herbs to heal itself. When healing takes place, the stone can be formed in the stomach.

How the stone is growing in the body Hedgehogs?
When a hedgehog injured or sick, these animals would have the instinct to look for his favorite food, bitter plant stems and bitter crop roots have all sources of high medical value for human good (have a detoxifying effect on the function of immune antibodies).

This herb when ingested, produce antibodies to neutralize the toxin or toxins in the body which allows the hedgehog to heal quickly.

When hedgehogs consume natural herb in a long time, these stones will eventually build up in your body and leaving more the rest hedgehog in his body will slowly come together and form a kind of Accreting like substance, known as Geliga Hedgehog.

However, not all hedgehogs produce Geliga in their bodies and a hedgehog can only form one stone hedgehog each, so it would be very rare you can get it. Because each varus hedgehog, internal structure, immunity, gene structure and habitat, their body structure also vary, there are different outside of the body, the body tone, quality, size and color.

Stone hedgehog who stay longer in the body will have a huge size hedgehog, medicinal properties, and a better quality. Each Geliga it has texture, its own color, shape, size, medical value, and different qualities. This is why it is so precious Stone Hedgehog.

The precipitate proteins and enzymes in the hedgehog geliga berfungis as biokalisator, and neutralizing antibodies to form immune organs. The enzyme is working as a "shelter" and as a filter of all the elements that enter the digestive, respiratory and absorption that supports the body's metabolism.

- Remember!, Many food-borne diseases, air and absorption by the skin,
- All the elements that threaten the health of the body's metabolism will be bound by the enzyme and converted into the corresponding proteins of normal metabolism.

In tradition, Geliga hedgehog has been used as a medicine by the hill tribes in southern China and Southeast Asia.

Golden China Medical has been recorded using Geliga hedgehog as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, natural antibodies, booster immunization, and detoxification - the body.

In the Malaysian Chinese community, is widely used as an alternative drug in the treatment of cancer, dengue fever, meningitis, herpes, strep throat, pneumonia and others.

Hedgehogs are geliga medicine that can cure:
  1. Leukemia or blood cancer.
  2. Breast Cancer.
  3. brain tumors.
  4. Gall.
  5. Kidney.
  6. Lever.
  7. Disorders of the nervous system and metabolism.
  8. Bone Flu.

also effective for skin disease, hardening of the coronary arteries, relieve wind, heartburn, stomach, epilepsy, hepatitis, and other diseases. 

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