Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bunga Tunjung against tuberculosis

Bunga Tunjung/Alas/Small Lotus has many benefits for human body medication, this plants also called in latin name is Nymphaea lotus L and easy to found in southeast asia. 

Local Name: Tarate kecil, tarate orangutans, teratai putih (Indonesia); teratai bodas, teratai said (Sunda) .

Water or marsh plants, grows wild in the shallow puddles or reared in ponds as an ornamental pond in the park. Originally from Africa. 

The leaves and flowers out of the roots in the ground rhizomes that grow up on the water surface. The leaves float on the water surface, while the interest on the shallow water appears on the surface of the water. 

Leaf blade wake shield, sometimes folded round oval, serrated edge, narrow and deep, green color, bottom color is younger and meeting short-haired. The size of the leaves, 15-50 cm long, 12-45 cm wide. Flowers somewhat smelly, bloom at night and closes at noon. 13-28 petals, the color is white, yellow or purplish red. Ripe fruit under water, like a sponge, irregular opening. White flowers (white water lily) is preferred for use in desease Curable: 
Seizures, fainting, drunk alcohol, ulcers, inflammation, tumors, ulcers; Diabetes. Pulmonary tuberculosis, suppress sexual function.

Flowers, roots. The use of fresh or dried. 

- Seizures in children. 
- Fainting due to heat (heat stroke). 
- Drunk alcohol. 
- Pressing sexual function (anaphrodisiac). 
- Skin diseases such as ulcers, inflammation, tumors and ulcers. 
- Diabetes mellitus (diabetes). 

- Pulmonary tuberculosis. 

To drink: Flower petals 3-5, 6-9 g of root, boiled.

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