Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another Lengkuas benefits

Lengkuas, This plants generally used by the peoples of indonesia in local culinary receipt spesificly its rhizome, and also has benefit to heal body from wormy.

Latin name: Alpinia galanga L. Eilld.

Habitat: Grows in lowland to 1200 m above sea level.
Name of area: Laos; galangal; Lawa; Langkueh; Laja; Lawas.

Description of the plant: 
Herbaceous plants, which grow wild in the woods trunked wet, can reach 2.5 m. has two kinds of leaves, narrow leaves and leaf width. Elliptic leaf shape with purple sheath enveloping whole. Coarse fibrous rhizomes, characteristic odor and a spicy taste.

Chemical Ingredients: Essential oils (Engenol, Sineol, Methyl cinnamate, Potassium, Leasorin, Galangin, Kaemferid, Galang cl, sesquiterpenes); resin; yellow crystals.

Simplesia Name: Rhizoma Languatis.

Plant part used: Rhizomes.

Efficacy: Stomakik; diaforetik; carminative; aromatic; stimulants; expectorant; antifungal.

The traditional recipe:

Red Lengkuas 1 rhizome; A little warm water; 1 tablespoon honey, Shredded; filtered and then added honey, Drink 1 day 1 potion.

Red Lengkuas 1 rhizome; 1 garlic bulb; A little salt; Water 110 ml, Made infusion, Drink 1 day 100 ml.

Cleaning the blood.
Lengkuas red, Created vegetables and salad, Eaten as a vegetable and salad.

Treating ringworm.
Lengkuas 4 rhizomes; 1 garlic bulb; Little vinegar; 110 ml water, Boiled, Applied to the affected areas of ringworm.

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