Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ules wood Efficacy

Kayu Ules/Ules wood.
Habitat: It grows in dry areas in the bush, in the forests in the lowlands to 1200 m above sea level.
Latin Name: Isora Helicteres L
Description of the plant: Plant shrubs, up to 4 m high. Trunked wet, fibrous bark-fiber. 5 pieces of shaped leaves that clump together like a corkscrew. Each piece bulb and has a row of small seeds dark brown color.
Chemical Ingredients: Pigments of chloroplasts; phytosterols; saponin; sugar; Flobatanin; hydroxycarboxylic acids.

Simplesia Name: Isorae Frustus, Isorae Cortex.

Plant part used: Fruit; roots; bark

Efficacy: Stomakik; antipyretic

The herbal recipe:

Ules wood pieces 11 pieces; 110 ml water, boil Boiled 15 minutes, Drunk in the morning and afternoon.

Ules bark 10 g; Root 10 g; 110 ml water, boiled until boiling, Drunk in the morning afternoon.

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