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Turmeric usefull

Kunyit or Curcuma domestica.
One type is the famous herb turmeric water acidic. Maybe your mother or grandmother say that this herb is useful to cure various infectious diseases. 
Habitat: It grows in fields and in the woods, especially in the teak forests. Many are also grown in home garden. can be grown in the lowlands to an altitude of 2000 m.
Description of the plant: Plant trunked wet, to 0.75 m high, oval-shaped leaves, red compound interest or pink. This annual herbaceous plants produce tubers main rhizome shaped dark yellow or bright orange. Propagation with puppies
Simplesia Name: Rhizoma domesticae Curcumae.
Plant part used: Rhizome

Chemical Ingredients: Tumeron; Zingiberon; Sesquiterpene alcohol; curcumin; Bitter substances; Hars fat; vitamin C
Efficacy: Kholagog; Stomakik; antispasmodic; Anti-inflammatory; Anti-bacterial; Kholeretik.

But in addition to these benefits, these benefits of turmeric acid consuming water regularly.

1. detoxification 
The main benefit of consuming turmeric water is acidic to help the detoxification process in the body. Turmeric has the ability to remove toxins in the body so that your body will be healthier.

2. Weight control
For those of you who want to maintain weight, consume acidic drinks turmeric. This beverage is able to suppress your appetite so that you also avoid the desire to consume food in excess.

3. Cure throat infection 
Turmeric has anti-bacterial properties so as to kill the bacteria causing the infection. Turmeric is also able to clear your throat.

4. Painkiller 
In addition to having anti-bacterial properties, turmeric also has anti-inflammatory properties. So that the drink is able to relieve pain or stiffness in the body.

5. Cure skin infections 
Skin infections due to burns, injury, or excessive exposure to sunlight can be cured with regular drinking water turmeric acid. This is because the anti-inflammatory properties in turmeric.

6. brighten skin 
Because turmeric is able to eliminate toxins in the body, then this will also positively impact the skin. With diligent eating sour turmeric water, then you will have skin that is clean and bright.

Instead of taking chemical drugs, better move on herbal ingredients. One is to consume turmeric water and get plenty of benefits acids.

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