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Tolod for dental problems

CAUTION - this plant is poisonous, for every time you drink no more than 3 pieces of leaves.

Tanaman Tolod (Isotoma longiflora (L.) Presl)
Family: Campanulaceae.
Pharmacological effects: toxic sap, anti-inflammatory, anti-neoplastic, anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory), analgesics (pain relievers) and hemostatic (stop bleeding).
Indonesia Regions: Ki tolod, leaves tolod (Sunda), Full, sangkobak (Java);

Chemical properties: This herb is rich chemical constituents of known al Alkaloid compound that is lobelin, lobelamin and isotomin. The leaves contain alkoloid, saponins, flavonoids and poliferol. 

Plants from the West Indies grows wild in the drains or rivers, paddy fields, surrounding fences and other places are moist and open. Ki tolod can be found from the lowlands to 1,100 m above sea level. Terna upright, reaching 60 cm tall, branched from the base, white gummy taste sharp and contain toxins. Single leaf, sitting, rough surface, pointed tip, base narrowed, curved edges inward, until the curved toothed pinnate. Leaves 5-17 cm long, 2-3 cm wide, green color. The flowers are upright, single, out of the armpit leaves, long-stemmed, white star-shaped crown. The fruit is bell-shaped boxes of fruit, duck, broke into two spaces, seed lot. Propagation by seed, stem cuttings or saplings.

Plant part used: Leaves, flowers and whole plants.
Method of cultivation: plant propagation using seeds. Maintenance is easy, it needs enough water by watering enough, keep moisture and fertilization, especially basal fertilizer.

* CAUTION - this plant is poisonous, for every time you drink no more than 3 pieces of leaves.
The herbal recipe:
Diseases that can be cured and how to use them.
1. DENTAL DESEASE: Two leaves washed and finely ground, put it on the sore tooth hole.
2. ASTHMA, bronchitis, laryngitis: Three leaves washed and boiled with 2 cups water until the remaining one cup. After chilling filtered and drunk. Apply 2 times a day, morning and afternoon
3. WOUNDS: Leaves taste washed and crushed into powder, then put on the wounds in the dressing with a clean cloth. Replace 2-3 times a day.
4. MEDICINE CANCER: The following 3 pieces of stem leaves, boiled with 5 cups of water to be 1-2 cups low heat. The drink boiled water several times a day until exhausted
5. CATARACT: 1 leaves were already clean plus 5 tablespoons fresh water then bone pressed leaf press with a spoon. The leaves are discarded, 3-5 drops of water dripped to eyes, silenced for a moment, then dumped and eyes washed with boiled water betel leaf.

Warning: Please Do not Use this direction without Professional herbs medicines. This Article just for info only.

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