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Teleng Flower usefull plants

Bunga Teleng are many found in ternate island east indonesia, This beautyfull flower has so many benefits to heal deseases, Latin Name: (Clitoria ternatea L.,).
CHEMICAL PROPERTIES - Has a variety of chemical constituents, which are already known al: saponins, flavonoids, alkoloid, ca-oxalate and sulfur, special leaves: kaempferol 3-glucoside and triterpenoids. flowers contain delphinidin 3,3 '.5' and triglucoside, phenol. Poisonous roots.
CLASSIFICATION - Fireworks commonly called Clitoria ternatea Telang L., including family Papilionaceae plants. This plant is known as blue region Flowers, Flower pupil, gutters interest or ambition.

EFFECTS pharmacological.
Roots: Toxic (poisonous), laxative (laxative), diuretics, stimulants vomiting, blood purifier.
Leaves: Accelerating ripening boils
Seeds: Drug worms, mild laxative

USEFUL PLANTS PART - pharmacological effects obtained from the use of the whole plant.

The herbal recipe:
Diseases that can be cured and how to use them.

1 .Abscesses, boils:
- Finely ground blue flowers of teleng, add sugar to taste used to cover the ulcer / abscess.
- Drinking boiling water teleng white flowers for blood washing
- Half handheld leaf flower teleng washed and ground smooth and add salt to taste to put on boils.

2 .Inflamed red eyes: 
blue flower Soak until the water is blue and use as eyewash.

3 .Abdominal edema,
enlargement of abdominal organs: root extract 5-10 grams in alcohol.

4 .Ear Pain: 
Leaves washed and crushed, the juice plus salt water, warm topical ear pain.

5 .Eliminating phlegm in chronic bronchitis:
drink boiling roots.

6 .Fever: 
0.3 grams of dried root, boiled in 4 cups of water until it becomes 2 cup, let cool then strain and drink 2 x 1 cup.

7 .Irritation of the bladder and urinary tract:
the rules are the same as No. 6.

*Expand plants with seeds. Seeds sown later moved to the place of planting young plants. This plant maintenance easier, like other plants needed watering or not enough water to keep the soil moist. Besides, it is also necessary especially basal fertilizer fertilizing.

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