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Spoon Leaf heal kidney problem

Daun Sendok (Plantago major L.)

Habitat: It grows in soil, sunny or slightly shady, grassy roadside edge and on grass, forest or open space.

Description of the plant: Plant annual herb, grown extraordinarily with erect rhizome, plant height 60-80 cm. 
Chemical Ingredients: Slime; Acid D-galakturonat; Pluntagon; ankobin (glikosid); Nivertin; Emulsin (an enzyme); Vitamin C; alkaloids; tannins; fatty oils.
Plant part used: All parts of the plant.

Benefits: Anti-inflammatory; diuretics; antipyretic; expectorant.
Simplesia Name: Plantaginis Majoris herbaceous.

The traditional Herbal recipe:

1. Boils:
2 cups water, The whole plant spoon leaf 3 plants; boil until mixture is obtained 1 cup; filtered, Taken 1 times 1 cup a day.

2. Scabies:
7 pieces of fresh bitter leaf; 2 cups water,7 pieces fresh spoons leaves; boil until mixture is obtained 1 cup; filtered, Taken 2 times a day; 1 cup.

3. Kidney stones:
The roots of the reeds 7 g; Fresh leaves kecibeling (Strobilanthes crispusSpoon of fresh herb leaves 7 g; 2 g; Meniran ( Phyllanthus urinaria )fresh herbs 2 g; Fresh herbs kumis kucing ( Orthosiphon aristatus ) 6 g; Water 130 ml, Made infusion or crushed, Drink 1 a day 100 ml; drink 1 a day 1/4 cup; repeated for 14 days.

4. Hepatitis and Inflammatory bowel disease:
Enough water, Temulawak fresh rhizome (Curcuma xanthorrhiza7 pieces; Herb  fresh spoon leaves 1 handful; fresh roasted rhizome temulawak ; then crushed herb leaves with a spoon, Drink 1 a day 1/4 cup; repeated for 7 days to 14 days.

5. Rheumatism:
Enough water, Fresh spoon leaves herb to taste; contused to form a paste, applied to the affected part; updated every 3 hours.

6. Hemorrhoids:
Water 100 ml, Fresh Wungu leaves ( Graptophyllum pictum )7 strands; Herb fresh spoon leaves 1 handful;  Made infusion or brewing, Drink 1 a day 100 ml; repeated for 14 days.

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