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Savor Lime makes slim

In bahasa this fruit is called Jeruk nipis. Small round fruit, green or yellow is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Based on research, the content of vitamin C in the lemon juice vitamin C content exceeds other citrus fruits. Lemon juice also contains iron, phosphorus, sulfur, calcium, minerals, carbohydrates, citric acid, glycosides, essential oils, amino acids (lysine, tryptophan) and citric acid.

Slim Body
Lemon juice can help the process of gastric emptying, because citrus contains non-starch polysaccharides, which are referred to as dietary fiber. Thus, citrus can maintain satiety for longer, as well as lowering blood cholesterol levels.

The content of sulfur or lime sulfur, making this orange is to kill bacteria, is an astringent that can shrink pores, as well as very strong antiinflammatory. In the body (intestine), astringent will shrink pores or fili-fili in the gut.

For example, if a person eats carbohydrates, it is not only digested in the mouth. Carbohydrates into the stomach, then into the intestine. After that continue to digest up to 12 finger intestine break down carbohydrates into two bond, and then enter the small intestine. In this small intestine, astringents of lemon will make fili-fili or pores shrink or shrink so that the absorption of food into fewer, as well as shorten the passage of food into feces.

While the content of saponins in the lemon can clean the inside of the body will work as lipase or bile. As well as the workings of destroying fat while washing the dishes with lemon, in the body also contains saponins will shrink the fat. Lemon juice has a detoxifying effect or dissolve toxic substances which are to be issued through the digestive tract so that the amount of waste smoothly or through the kidneys. Lime also serves as a solvent, balance blood pressure and regulate temperature.

Ways consumption for slimming.
Take 1-3 pieces of lemon juice (depending on the need, the strength of your body and taste) and lime juice and squeezed on two sides. Then added a glass of water (200cc, star fruit cup size). The water used is warm water or cold water, depending on taste. However, the cold water is recommended because it is more durable its vitamin C content and refreshing.
Having squeezed and mixed with water, should be drunk immediately. Because the content of vitamin C in oranges easily oxidized or vaporized. If the course has evaporated its vitamin C content will decrease. If not used during the early stages should only take one lemon mixed with water. Or mix 1 tablespoon honey or 1 tsp sugar to adapt stomach first. If you feel strong enough, then it could be drinking a mixture of lemon and water without the honey and sugar.
Lime in the mix water consumed every morning, half an hour before meals. If you feel strongly, this mixture can drink 2x a day, morning and night before bed. One hour before bed should drink a glass of lime or lemon juice plus green tea. Lemon juice mixed with water can be drunk every day, in the morning. But in a week should be given pause one day. This time lag is done for the body to stimulate and increase the antibody, as well as the body's immune. During therapy, a glass of water mixed with lemon juice, you should also drink water in order to reproduce more quickly shed fat. As for the body's needs for dietary fiber, you can eat one orange per day. Each medium-size orange contains about 3.0 kg of dietary fiber. The more acidic, the more its vitamin C content.

For beauty, lime is used as a basic ingredient in beauty products. Some products even mencantmkan lime as a base for their products. The content of vitamin C and flavonoids (antioxidants) in the lime juice is also beneficial for the skin. The content of vitamin C can help revitalize the skin cells, restore and renew cells, and strengthen blood vessels.

By drinking lemon juice mixed with water will give skin hydration or fluid enough so that the skin looks fresher and more moist. Instead of water shortage will affect the cognitive and emotional side, so you will feel not in the mood.

If the skin is smeared lime, can brighten and smooth the skin, reduce oil on the skin, shrink pores poro, help treat acne, black blemishes or black spots, and rejuvenate the skin.

Beauty for function, which is easy to be durable and beautiful face, use a lemon cut in two parts by the way. Then meat lemon rubbed into the skin, nose and cheeks are porous and rough face and dull. Juruk lime settling on the face for half an hour or wait until dry.

The lemon juice can reduce the oil on the face. While the content of antiseptic contained in honey can kill bacteria that cause acne. If the acne is gone and the oil content is reduced, then the face will look brighter and younger. The use of lime for face masks is not recommended too often, especially for those whose skin is easily irritated. So only 2-3 times a week is enough. In some people use lime juice which is applied to the face can reduce pain.

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