Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Salak for eyes healthy

Salak is indonesia typically fruit, Salak fruits contain beta-carotene which is great for maintaining eye health, beta-carotene in 100 grams of bark more than 5.5 times more than mangoes, 3 times more than guava and 5 times that of red watermelon

Salak Fruit Benefits for Drugs Diarrhea / Diarrhoea
By consuming as much as approximately 20 grams of fresh fruits can reduce diarrheal disease

Benefits Leaves bark to relieve hemorrhoid disease is not severe

  1. Take 3 pieces of leaf bark
  2. Then boiled with a glass of water
  3. then boiled water is filtered and drunk with brown sugar
  4. Drink twice a day, morning and evening

Skin Benefits for health barking
Efficacy bark skin to treat diabetes and lower the dry, stabilize blood pressure (high or low)

  1. Take skin fruits to taste (do not use fruit)
  2. Rinse with water to clean
  3. Then insert it into the cauldron (not crock aluminum, or iron)
  4. Pour the water taste.
  5. Boil using low heat, until the water boils
  6. Strain and drink the water

Skin that has been boiled bark can not be used again
A day of drinking 1 liter of boiled water bark skin
Perform up to 2 weeks without a break, and we can prove that dry diabetes often jumped up will be normal, and blood pressure will be stable.

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