Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rope Bamboo benefits

Bambu or bamboo (asparagua cochinchinenesis (Lour.) Merr.).
Pharmacological Effects: In traditional Chinese medicine and other properties of these plants have mentioned - The taste of sweet, bitter, cold. Sign meridian lung and kidney, nourish Yin, clean the lungs and reduce the heat of fire, stimulates the production of body fluids, anti-toxic, anti-neoplastic and anti-pyretic.
Chemical properties: Saponins, aglycone, protosarsapogenin, asaparagine, glucose, fructose, 5-methoxy-Methylfurfural, beta-sitosterol.

Plant part used: dried tubers.
Method of cultivation:
Using tubers or seeds, maintenance is easy enough to maintain soil moisture and fertilizer base and enough sunlight. As a medicinal plant then the plant should not be sprayed with pesticides.

Diseases that can be cured and how to use them.
Tuberculosis Lung and Blood cough and sore throat: 6-12 grams of dried tubers boiled water to 1 1.5 cup, warm drink 2x a day.

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