Thursday, June 26, 2014

Red Spinach Effficacy

Hmm..this my favorit vegetables food. We call it bayam merah or Red Spinach ( english ) or Iresine herbstii Hook
Habitat: 1-1400m above sea level.
Description of the plant: Plants erect herb 80-120 cm high, inverted heart-shaped leaves, on each segment there are two opposite leaves (oposita), there are leafy green veined, reddish, width 5-7 times, 3-4 cm and stemmed , small flowers, crowned like a membrane, forming the Virgin at the top of the armpit leaves and stems. Fruit elliptic one small seed.

Part of plant used: Leaf

Chemical Ingredients: Ferulytyramine; Ferrum

Efficacy: Antipyretics; Sudorifik; diuretics

Simplesia Name: Folium herbstie Iresine

The traditional recipe:

Less blood:

Red spinach taste, cooked as a vegetable; heating should not be too long, Eaten.

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