Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rapat wood for women problems

Kayu Rapat in indonesia generally used for healing Woman vaginal secretion/ Fluor Albus. This Plant has Latin Name: Parameria laevigata.

Habitat: Grows wild in lowland forests on samapai 1200 asl.

Description of the plant: Shrubs creeping, stems twining, woody, hairy, brown. lanceolate, opposite, the base and tapered leaves, young leaves reddish green after green parents. Inflorescence panicle shape, crown shape of a funnel, white color. Fruit pods. Seeds round, blackish brown color.
Chemical constituents: Tannins; acid protokatekol.
Simplesia Name: Cortex Parameriae.

Part of plant used: Bark

Efficacy: Stomakik; antipyretic; disinfectant

The traditional recipe:

Shrink the uterus:
Rapat Wood 2 fingers; Kunci pepet hizome (Kaempferia rotunda L) 7 pieces; Mesoyi wood (Cryptocarya massoia) 1 finger; 100 ml water, Boiled, Drink 1 a day 100 ml.

Rapat Wood one finger; Mesoyi wood ( Cryptocarya massoia ) 1 finger; Majakan or (oak galls ) half grain; Kunci pepet hizome ( Kaempferia rotunda L) 2 pieces; Kemukus (Piper cubeba L) 6 grains; Cloves 2; Breadfruit Ginger 1 piece; White cumin 5 grains; 110 ml of water., Boiled, Drink 1 a day 100 ml.

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