Thursday, June 26, 2014

propagation cincau herbal plants

My favorit plants called cincau or Cyclea barbata Miers
Pharmacological Effects: The taste is rather sweet, anti-fever, anti-toxins, lowers blood pressure.
Family: Menispermaceae

Chemical properties: Carbohydrates that absorbs water, fatty substances and alkoloid siklein, kardioplegikum, tentradine and dimethyl tentradine. Polyphenols, and flavonoids saponoid.

Plant part used: rhizome and leaves.
Method of cultivation: Using stem cuttings, requires open and a bit sheltered. easy maintenance.

Diseases that can be cured and how to use them: 
1. High blood pressure: 
Kneaded with water until the leaves turn green, let it be and drink with brown sugar.
2. Fever:
Rhizome finely sliced​​, boiled and the juice is drunk as drug fever, or roots and grass jelly drink brewed taste.
3. Stomach problems, Pain:
like no. 1
4. Shrimp food poisoned:
 such as no. 1
5. Gastric imflammation, typhoid, intestinal disease:
50 grams of fresh leaves were washed pounded until pulverized. Add 4 cups boiled water, squeezed and filtered. Let stand until thickened and add 5 small spoon of sugar, taken 3 times daily.

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