Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Natural Remedies for Headaches

How to cope with natural headaches may be an alternative for those of you who often experience headaches rather than continue to rely on headache medicine. If the natural way can be lost why not try?

Well, if it is felt it is not new a new powerful you should immediately see a doctor do not buy headache medicine haphazardly without a doctor's prescription. That's because in the world of health is usually the headache is one symptom of another disease emergence.

how to overcome the headache
Well, you can try some natural remedies how to cope with the headache the following:

1. Drink more water 
Headache that you may experience is basically caused by a lack of oxygen supply to the head. By drinking water, indirectly you have extended the supply of oxygen into your body and automatically the flow of oxygen to your head was only increasing. To increase the oxygen in your body can also get out of your room and breathe the fresh air that does not mix pollutants such as in the garden or park.

2. Exercising in the morning
When the morning where the vehicle still does not meet the road then when you can get fresh air free of pollution that can be utilized by both while exercising. Sports itself can also blood flow in tubuuh so that oxygen can be evenly distributed in your body. So, if you work mostly sitting then please take a little time to exercise so that blood flow to be smooth and minimize your headaches and other ailments are not expected.

3. Eat foods which contain magnesium
Because magnesium can relax your muscles. Among the foods that contain magnesium are legumes and seeds.

4. Avoid foods containing tyramine and nitrates
Which included these foods include cheese, processed meats, bananas, pineapple, pickled, preserved foods, pickled foods and food additives. This is because tyramine and nitrates will increase blood flow to the brain that can cause headaches.

Those are some ways to overcome headaches naturally you can try to apply. Quite easy and when you feel the headache is still often appears though've tried the tips above, it looks like you should immediately see a doctor because chances are you have a disease, immediately went to the doctor before it gets worse.

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