Thursday, June 26, 2014

Murbei healing

Murbei ( bahasa ) or Morus australis Poir

Habitat: It grows wild in the woods and planted in the yard or in the garden
Description of the plant: This plant is a shrub or tree height of 6-9 m. Triangular or heart-shaped leaves, easy to detach from the branches, dark brown color when ripe. The leaves are used for food silkworm

Part of plant used: Leaf; roots; branch; fruit

Chemical Ingredients: Carotenoids; adenine; choline; amylase; Fatty oils; Vitamin C; Vitamin A; Vitamin B1; calcium; phosphorus; Maklurin; routine; Morin; ergosterol

Efficacy: Antipyretics; antitussives; diuretics; Anti flogestik; analgesic
Simplesia Name: Folium Mori australidis.

The traditional recipe:

1. Hepatitis; less blood and high blood pressure:
Fruit scale of 7-10 g; Taste of boiled water, juice Created, Taken 1 time a day; repeated for 14 days

2. Joints inflammation and low back pain:
Twig and leaf mass of 10 g; 110 ml water, Brewed, Taken 1 time a day in the morning, 100 ml

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