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Lemon benefits for beauty

Jeruk nipis or lemon, Latin Name: Citrus aurantifolia (Christm) suringle.

Many peoples using it as a flavoring food or to make a refreshing drink when the sun's scorching heat. But did you know that lemon is not just to make soup and curries and also drink? Apparently herbaceous plant which has a distinctive aroma that is refreshing to have a lot of benefits. Let's get to know more closely the type of rich orange with this benefit.

.Content of Lime
Among the various types of citrus limes are citrus fruits that contain vitamin C at most. So what are the contents of citrus fruit that has a dark green skin is? In every 100 grams of lime contained in calories 51 cal. There is also a total of 49 mg of ascorbic acid, 11.4 grams of total carbohydrates. Other content is in the form of 23 mg of phosphorus, a mineral of 0.5 grams, a total of 33 mg of calcium, and also as much as 0.9 grams of protein. For commercial areas usually lime or lemon extract of field is widely used for cosmetics or for other household products.

.Benefit Beauty In The Field
Reasonable if the benefits of lime are used in the field of beauty. The fact is lime can help your beauty treatments. Many have benefited from the highly acidic orange. To make you more beautiful, use lime to treat the health and beauty of your skin. The way you can do very easily. Cut the lemon and rub the juice of the lemon juice on your face. Let stand for a few minutes before you rinse it with water. This way your skin is believed to be more bright and clean too bright so it will not look dull and unhealthy. With this simple way acne is also believed to be reluctant to stick in the face as a smear of lemon can shrink pores and reduce oil on the face can cause acne.

If you have any problems with the hair and scalp, lime can also be a powerful solution to the problem you are facing. Hair loss and dandruff can be prevented by washing your head with warm water fed lemon juice. This way you will also feel healthier scalp and also fresher.

Orange juice also has the benefit of reducing body odor annoying. Embarrassing course if you are already perfect appearance is not supported with a refreshing odor. Body odor can indeed be a fear factor in the association because anyone who kiss will feel nauseous and very disturbed. If you have excess sweat very disturbing and wanted to get rid of unpleasant scent produced by your body, the benefits of lemon juice then is to reduce the unpleasant aroma. The trick is to apply lime juice with whiting. Next apply on your armpits and rinse after settling for a while. In this way the disturbing body odor can be prevented and you do not need to buy deodorant natural deodorant because they get a cheap and full of these benefits.

.Benefits in Health Sector 
In addition to beauty, there are many benefits of lime in the field of health should not be ignored. The first benefit of this is the fruit of a herbaceous plant you will be able to avoid obesity if you eat lemon regularly. Why is that? This is because the consumption of lime can help to release the fat in the body. Addition of lime also has very low in calories so it will not make you fat by eating them.

The benefits of lime are also not to be overlooked is as a provider of Vitamin C intake is very high for the body. Thus, if you want your Vitamin C requirement is fulfilled, the consumption of lime juice every day can help meet your Vitamin C needs. Aside from being a major provider of vitamin C intake for the body, you will get a smooth digestion with lime consumption in addition to your daily menu. The content of flavonoids of lemon can help improve your digestive conditions as flavonoids helps to improve the digestive juices, helps increase the production of acid and bile. Flavonoid content also helps to remove toxins in the body so it will be more healthy digestion.

Aside from being a source of vitamin C in the body, lemon juice also has a lot of minerals that your body needs. For example, orange juice contains a lot of potassium, copper, calcium and other substances that have a lot of benefits to your body's overall health. If you have constipation problems, lemon can also help you avoid this problem persists. Drinking lemon juice that has been mixed with water and give a little salt, then your digestion will be smooth and there will be no problem of constipation. Bladder infection can also be prevented by drinking lemon water.

Hazardous Jaundice can also be prevented by using the benefits of lime. This is because the content of lime can help improve liver function so that jaundice can be effectively prevented. In traditional medicine was lime is also believed to provide many benefits. For a small example is as stubborn cough medicine. For a cough that never heal, usually lime juice mixed with soy sauce and then drunk. In this way a stubborn cough will be cured easily.

Water decoction of lime are used for rinsing is also believed to cure a troublesome tonsils disorder. Water boiled lemon juice can also be used to treat disorders of hemorrhoids, kidney stones and also various other diseases. Among others to prevent high blood pressure, tooth pain medications mnjemukan, diphtheria medicine, treat stiff, malaria, and other diseases.

With all these amazing benefits, it helps if you always provide the lime in your kitchen. By having a supply of lime then every time you need to take care of your beauty or to help prevent diseases you or your family, then you will not be confused when they need it. You just take your effectual fruit and use it according to your needs. Then in an instant all the benefits of lime will can be found to suit your needs.

Need healthy and naturally beautiful without having to spend a fortune to buy make up or other beauty products? It's easy, simply by using lemon then all the incredible benefits you can get easily and quickly. Good luck and congratulations have a natural and inexpensive beauty.

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