Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lagerstroemia/Bungur healing

Bungur (bahasa) or Lagerstromeia speciosa Press
Habitat: It grows in arid and infertile land in the forest or roadside cover crops on the plains of 1-900 m above sea level.
Description of plants: trees, can reach 45 m high, usually between 25-30 meters, branching. Stems pale brown to red brown. Inflorescence a panicle, purple.

-Part of plant used: Bark.
-Chemical constituents: Tannins; alkaloids; saponin; terpene; glucose
-Efficacy: anti-diarrhea; diuretics; antidiabetic
-Simplesia Name: Lagerstroemiae speciosae Cortex, Lagerstroemiae speciosae Folium
The herbal recipe:

Water 110 ml, Fresh leaves 8-9g; 9-10g of green beans; Made infusion, Drink 1 cup a day 100 ml.

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