Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kremah herbal plants

Kremah has Latin Name; Alternanthera sessilis (L)
Habitat: Grows well in open space and enough water at an altitude of 1-1000 m asl.
Description of the plant: Shrubs, vines, stems massive, jointed, yellowish green color. Berhadapn compound leaves, oval, tapered tip and base, green color. Inflorescence form of grain, diketiak tip of the stem and leaf, greenish white petals. Fruit boxes, brown, round seeds, black
Simplesia Name: Herba sessilidis Alternantherae.
Plant part used: All parts of the plant

Chemical Ingredients: Substance mucus; potassium oxalate
Benefits: Anti-inflammatory; diuretics; Galaktagog; Kholagog; ANTIPRURITIC

The traditional recipe:

1. Inflammation of the stomach:
3 kremah herbaceous shoots; 110 ml water, brewed, drunk 3 times a day; each drank 100 ml.

2. prevent gray hair:
Herba kremah some shoots; Enough water, brewed, chilled Once rubbed on the scalp.

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