Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kola anti migrain

Kola or Cola, Latin Name: Cola Acuminata.
Habitat: Grows wild in damp sufficient plantations on the plateau 700-1100 m asl.
Name of area: Kola; Khole; Kolaan.
Description of the plant: plant a tree, approximately 20 feet high. Stems round, woody, hard, rough surface, green color brownish. Single leaf, scattered, sessile, oval, tapered tip and base, flat edge, 7-19 cm long, 2-6 cm wide, pinnate bone, green color. Compound interest, panicle shape, crown shape of stars, whitish yellow color. Fruit box, rounded elongated, 8-15 cm long, 5-9 cm in diameter, green color.
Simplesia Name: Cement Colae.
Plant part used: Seeds

Chemical constituents: Alkaloids Kafenia; Theobromine; theophylline; Kolanina; Kolatanin; Kola; catechol; Kolatin; Kolatein; Red kola; Fatty oils; Starch; sugar

Benefits: Stimulant; Antidepresif; diuretics; cardiotonic.

The traditional recipe:

-Toner bodies and Migraine:
Kola nut 5 g; Java chilies/cabe jawa (Piper retrofractum Vahl. syn. P. longum) 3 g; 3 g ginger rhizome; Water 110 ml, Made infusion, Drink 1 a day 100 ml.

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