Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kelor Efficacy

Kelor in bahasa or Moringa are so familiar with indonesian peoples, not only for medication but some peoples believe this plants to heal black magic desease.
Habitat: It grows wild in the fields in the area enough water, with full sunlight at an altitude of 300-900 m asl.
Latin name: Moringa oliefera Lamk.
Description of the plant: Plant a tree whose height is approximately 8 meters. Woody stems, round, branched, speckled black, dirty white color. Compound leaves, 20-60 cm long, ovate leaflets, flat edge, notched, bones odd pinnate, green color. Compound interest, panicle shape, lies in the armpit leaves, 10-30 cm long, white crown. The fruit pods, 20-45cm long, containing 15-25 seeds, blackish brown color.

Simplesia Name: Radix Moringae.

Plant part used: Root.

Chemical Ingredients: Pterigospermin; essential oils; Moringin alkaloids; Moringinin; fatty oils.

Efficacy: Diuretics; stimulants; expectorant; analgesic.

The herbal recipe:

Moringa root bark taste; Masoyi (Cryptocarya massoia (Oken) taste; Clove taste buds; The roots of papaya; Enough water, contused to form a paste, Applied on swollen part.

Headache and Rheumatism:
Moringa roots taste; Little water to form a paste contused, Applied to the temples and behind the ears. In patients with rheumatoid arthritis, the paste is applied to the painful part; Used 3 times a day.

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