Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Herbs: Efficacy Young Corn

We call it jagung in bahasa. Corn is one crop that is popular in Indonesia. Corn is a food that can be encountered in the cereal. Corn actually has many benefits for our health. One of them is the corn was so good in controlling diabetes. In addition, sweet corn is also believed to prevent heart disease, prevent neural tube defects at birth, and also to reduce hypertension. Here are some benefits of sweet corn for our health:

1. Improve the digestive tract. Sweet corn has a lot of fiber so a big advantage for our digestive system. It can mencega referee, constipation, and may even reduce the risk of colon cancer.

2. Caring for the skin. Sweet corn is also rich in antioxidants, which can help to treat the skin in order to stay young. In addition could be the food we consume, can also be a source of used oil is high in linoleic acid. Cornstarch is also believed to relieve irritation in the skin.

3. Rich in minerals. Corn contains iron, magnesium, and phosphorus is more than we can think. Phosphorus is needed by the bones to stay healthy. These nutrients not only can prevent our bones cracked because we start aging, but also can improve kidney function.

4. Helps prevent anemia, which is a condition in which the number of red blood cells is reduced drastically due to the reduced iron. Sweet corn is so mermanfaat for our health because it is rich in folic acid can prevent anemia and vitamin B.

5. Needed during pregnancy. For pregnant women, the benefits of sweet corn is to provide folic acid in high quantities. This deficiency in pregnancy can affect the baby. Folic acid deficiency in the body can affect the baby's weight later. Nutrients and nutrients in sweet corn is useful to prevent babies were underweight and help to prevent other birth defects.

6. As a control cholesterol levels in the body. Cholesterol itself is a substance produced by the liver. There are two kinds of cholesterol, the good cholesterol or commonly referred to as bad cholesterol aka HDL and LDL. The increasing amount of bad cholesterol caused by the intake of fatty foods and can make our heart gets weaker and could also lead to the emergence of cardiovascular diseases.
Benefits other sweet corn are carotenoids, vitamin C, and bioflavonoids are also contained in sweet corn can help to keep your heart healthy by controlling the cholesterol levels in our blood and improve blood circulation in the body.

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