Thursday, June 26, 2014

Helminthic cure with ceguk

Tumbuhan/tanaman Ceguk or Combretum indicum
Habitat: It grows in lowland bush and as a hedge plant.
Description of plants: Perdu climbing, stem length up to 5 meters. Woody stem, branching, young branches are green, spiny. Single leaf, oval. Inflorescence form of grain, there are leaves in the armpits and on the ends of branches. Petals yellowish green. Pistil white to dark red. Fruit classified as stone fruit, seeds are small, flat black. Taproot.

Plant part used: Seeds

Chemical Ingredients: trigonelline; Fatty oils; Gom; resin

Efficacy: anthelmintic; tonic

Simplesia Name: Quisqualidis indicae cement

The traditional recipe:

Seeds gulp 5 grains; 1 cup water, seeds pounded gulp; then boiled until half cup, drink 2 times a day.

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