Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Health Benefits of Apples

Apples are a type of fruit that is usually red when ripe, but usually yellow or green. This fruit was first discovered in Central Asia by the Latin name Malus domestica. Most apples are consumed directly without cooking.

Benefits of Apples for Health:

1. Helps digestion process
One of the benefits of apples is to help digestion. A research revealed that rats fed extracts of apples, 43% have a lower potential for colon cancer. Because the human digestive system similar to this one animal, allow that the positive impact this can apply equally.

2. Preventing diabetes 
Apples contain phenolic compounds on the skin. This is the reason why we are encouraged to eat apples with the skin when it is still fresh. The substance is an antidote diabetes.

3. Efficacy of apples to help reduce weight 
Due to the apples do not contain cholesterol, it is one of the health benefits of apples for is to help reduce body weight less than ideal.

4. Make healthier skin 
Well, the benefits of this one no doubt. By eating apples on a regular basis, then you will get a healthier skin. Apples are also useful as a mask applied to smooth the skin and eliminate acne scars.

Other Benefits of Apples;
.Caring for and cleaning teeth
.Relieves diarrhea
.Help lower blood pressure
.Preventing asthma
.Restores stamina to move
.prevent arthritis
.healthy eyes
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