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Gendola plant anti toxin

In indonesia this plants called Gendola (Basella rubra Linn).
Family: Basellaceae.
Foreign: Malabar Night Shade, Lo kuei (Chinese).
Chemical properties: This plant is rich in leaf chemical constituents include: organic acid, glucan, c-carotene, such mucopolysacharida รจ L-arabinose, D-galactose, Lrhamnose, aldonic acid saponins, vitamins A, B and C.

Pharmacological Effects: This herb is anti toxin, ie antipyretics for fever, pain-causing organisms secrete from the blood.
Plant part used: Whole plant.
Method of cultivation: dg plant propagation using seeds or stem cuttings. Maintenance is easy, it needs enough water to those ways of watering elbow, keeping moisture and fertilization, especially basal fertilizer.

Diseases that can be cured and how to use them;

1. appendicitis:
60-70 grams of plant gendola then wash, cut into two, boiled with water until submerged with all it's materials. After a half, let cool and drink.

Wash 15 grams of fresh leaves are then boil in 2 cups water until the remaining 1cup. Once cool add a little filtered salt and stir until dissolved, drink.

3. Dysentery:
35 grams kapulogo, Plant gendola 25 grams,  ( Amomum compactum ) and old hens that had been discarded head, feet and offal, cooked with water. Drinking water.

70 grams of fresh gendola boiled with water until thick. Mix the wine, then drink.

5. Constipation:
Leaves fresh cooked meal.

6. LITTLE PEE (PEE bladder inflammation):
70 grams of fresh leaves washed clean, boiled with enough water. After a cold, drink like tea water.

Chicken pox, nipple SPLITS-2: Flowers 15-30 grams of boiled, drinking.

8. stiff, RHEUMATIC:
Roots I5 - 30 grams, boiled, drinking.

9. EYE meningitis (CONJUNGTIVITIS): 
Fruit 15-30 grams boiled, and drunk.

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