Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Galangal Benefits For Body Health

Lengkuas/Galangal ( Alpinia galanga )
However, behind the form that can be used to mix and cooking, it turns galangal has a myriad of health benefits. Then on the times, I will discuss about the health benefits of galangal as Indonesian traditional medicine.
Indonesia is a tropical country rich in spices. So no wonder if the occupiers bleak days of yore want to master the French and Dutch Indonesia because of the spices contained by our Mother Earth. One of the herbs we will discuss this time is Galangal. We know that Galangal is a food flavoring ingredients for the mother-housewife.

Galangal used as a drug of hypertension and diabetes. Usually for hypertension and diabetes medications, galangal mixed with bay leaves to boiled and then drunk as a medicine. Why laos can be used as an alternative medicine health? Because in Galangal contained many useful and essential oils serve to help facilitate the circulation of blood and the process of spending the rest of metabolism including cholesterol in our body that are considered excessive and could interfere with our health. Hopefully this article can help you in solving your health problems.

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