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Fight HIV Aids with mangosteen

The benefits of mangosteen peel it has proven very amazing; because it turns out the fruit skin is able to treat various types of diseases with antioxidants contained therein. With a high content of antioxidants, compounds xanthones in mangosteen peel can improve one's endurance and can prevent the attack from a variety of diseases. In addition, because the mangosteen fruit contains the allergenic compound fruit skin is very good as an antidote to various types of allergies.

It is known that levels of antioxidants in the skin of the mangosteen is the highest when compared with fruit - other fruits, including grapes, apples, corn, strawberries, and oranges. One of the benefits of mangosteen peel is very fantastic and extraordinary is its ability to alleviate the disease to HIV / AIDS. As we know that HIV / AIDS is the most deadly disease and the cure has not been found with certainty to date.

Overview view the history of the HIV virus
Virus (HIV) Human Immune Deficiency Syndrome or a virus that attacks the human immune system was detected in 1981 in the city of Los Angeles New York. The cause of this virus emerged due to the relationship between gay men or better known as homo sexual. From the results of research to the man who is hiv virus, found the existence of the type of lung infection and rare skin tumors. It was concluded that the patient has decreased moderately severe cell types in the blood.

These cells are called the CD4 cells that have a very important role in the human immune system, better known by the name of T cell T cells is what always plays a role in our body in combating various infections and diseases that come from outside the body. The HIV virus attacks the T cells of this, if you try to imagine a variety of diseases and infections attacking the body without the defense of the body.

However, it turns out after the various studies, mangosteen skin with antioxidants superclass has given new hope to the medical world, especially in the treatment of HIV / AIDS. Perhaps the benefits of mangosteen peel can be a deterrent growing HIV / AIDS virus in the body or even penyembuhkan the infection. Prevention of HIV-1 activity is due mangostin compounds along with mangosteen skin gammamangostin compounds that play an active role as an antioxidant useful in improving the immune system so the virus that causes HIV / AIDS was so hampered its development.

- Some researchers Benefits Mangosteen and discovery Leather Handle Infection In HIV / AIDS
In 1998, a researcher named Vlientinck have proved that one of the benefits of mangosteen peel is to inhibit the development of HIV / AIDS because the content of compounds xanthone mangostin on his compound. This study also proves and reinforces previous research conducted by Chen et al in 1996 in China that the HIV-1 protease can experience growth and multiplication so that the rest can not attack the immune system of people with HIV / AIDS.

This proves that the benefits of mangosteen peel works by a different mechanism than the anti-retroviral drugs. According to the scientific journal Planta Med 1996, revealed that the ethanol extract of mangosteen peel has the potential to prevent HIV-1 protease activity. The compound most responsible is mangostin and gammamangostin. In addition, researchers at the Institute of Traditional Medicine Muhimbili University, Tanzania, Joseph J. Magadula researching 9 types of relatives then he concludes mangosteen rind garcinia semseii have the greatest inhibition against HIV infection.

- Counsellors HIV / AIDS Recognizes Mangosteen Benefits Skin and suggested
The disease of HIV / AIDS is a virus that can be very deadly because it works that can damage the immune system and can kill whenever the patient's body when attacked by a virus or bacteria. In Indonesia, there are quite a lot of people with HIV / AIDS who are struggling to keep the immune system so it does not die quickly pick death. Due to the increasing number of HIV / AIDS, counseling center founded some HIV / AIDS patients and the public to know about what to do and avoid concerns with this disease.

Some HIV / AIDS counselor has to know the benefits of mangosteen peel and advise all patients with the disease to eat this super source of antioxidants. They explained about how the benefits of mangosteen peel can improve the antibody and cells - natural killer cells that can ward off a variety of bacteria, viruses, and so on which can be fatal for people with HIV / AIDS. In addition, skin mangosteen super rich in antioxidants also has many other benefits including reducing pain and also for beauty due to the smoothness of the skin rejuvenation process

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