Friday, June 27, 2014

Encok leaf benefits

Daun Encok.
Habitat: It grows wild along the edges of rivers and fences in the home in the mountains.
Latin Name: Plumbago zeylanica L.
Description of the plant: Plant soft-trunked shrub, and grows berumpun. Shape ovate leaves, white flowers in bunches. Small elongated fruit with a rough coat adhesive, green light time.
Chemical Ingredients: Plumbagin; tanning substances

Part of plant used: Leaf; root

Efficacy: Analgesic; anti-inflammatory; antimicrobial

Simplesia Name: Folium Plumbaginis

The Herbal recipe:

Stiff sore:
Daun encok leaves 5 ​​pieces; 1 handful of leaves pike; Tikel balung (Vitis quandrangularis) 3 sections; 3 pieces of kecubung (Datura metel) leaves, all ingredients finely ground and soaked in 70 percent alcohol gondopuro oil* and lemongrass oil (with a ratio of 3:2:1) or alcohol 150 cc; gondopuro 110 cc; lemongrass oil 50 cc, Soaked then applied to the sore spot.

*gondopuro oil is a traditional indonesian leaf oil, made from Gaultheria punctata ussually used for herbal medicines.

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