Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eliminate Scar with Herb Medicine

Eliminate Scar with Herb Medicine
There are so many reasons that make our skin into the wound, and sometimes very old scars can disappear and some were even can not be lost, but with a few herbs that can be overcome. you can use the following recipe:

1. Olive oil.
Simply by applying olive oil to the scar area. This is very effective at ways to eliminate scars.

2. Honey.
Another most effective way is to use, do the same way as above and use several times a day. honey will make your scar looks vague and will slowly disappear.

3. Aloe vera.
grab a bar of Aloe vera and rub it into the injured area of the body. This is a very effective way to prevent permanent injury.

5. Lemon.
This fruit can be made as juice tobe used for natural skin bleach, can also disguise scars and overcome mottled skin.

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