Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Efficacy of cocor bebek

Cocor bebek or Latin duck bill known as Kalanchoe pinnata Pers. cocor bebek is not difficult to find in this tropical Indonesia. Various benefits of this plant was already widely known. Anything, yes, the content in it so that it can provide so many benefits for human health?

Leaves cocor bebek also live in countries that have tropical regions such as Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, Makaronesia, Galapagos, and Hawaii. In these countries cocor bebek commonly found as an ornamental or wild plants that grow in the trenches.

The plant stems are soft and segmently, with leaves that contain a lot of water, much like a cactus but do not have thorns. If you tried to taste (not poisonous, anyway), then it seems a bit sour and cold.

The content of the famous cocor bebek able to be used as a treatment include malic acid, resin, magnesium malate, calcium oxalate, formic acid and tannins. Its nature as an anti-inflammatory, with a quick stop bleeding, reduce swelling and speed healing.

The benefits of this cocor bebek plant is to treat ulcers, sores, mastitis, sore throat, tonsillitis, inflammation of the outer ear, gastritis, rheumatism and hemorrhoids. If you have sensitive skin so the mosquito bite so hard missing, then cocor bebek also you can use to quickly eliminate the scars. Toothache can also be overcome by these fleshy plants.

If you are already familiar properties like this, say bye bye to the chemical drugs!

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