Thursday, June 26, 2014

Efficacy of Adas/Jintan

Adas/Jintan or Foeniculum vulgare Mill
Anti-inflammatory, carminative, diuretic, anti-microbial.
Chemical Ingredients: limonene; fatty oils; stigmasterin; umbeliferona; sugar; saponin; flavonoida; polyphenols

The traditional recipe:
1. Constipation:
2 cups water; Fennel 3 grains; Young leaves of guava 3 pieces; Bark pulosari half finger; Boiled concoction to boil until the liquid is obtained 1 cup and then filtered, Infants 3 months of age: drink 5-7 times a day, each time 1 teaspoon; Infants aged 6 months: drink 3 times a day, each time 1 tablespoon; Children 3 years of age: drink 3 times a day, each time 2 tablespoons; Teens: 1 times daily drink, every time 1 cup.

2. Cough:
Sufficient water; Fennel 3 grains; Rock sugar to taste; Sagamanis 7 pieces of leaves; Pulosari 1 finger bark; 1 piece red onion, plus water mixture is slightly, then finely ground, then wrapped in a banana leaf steamed further 15 minutes, then squeezed with a clean cloth, drunk once before bed

3. Abdominal pain:
2 cups water; Fennel 5 grains; 11 coriander seeds; 11 holes pepper seeds; Fresh leaves po'o 20 sheets; Turmeric 1/2 finger; Burned fragrant ginger 1 seed; Key retrieval burned 3 seed; Gathering fresh key 3 seed; Wood ules 1 seeds, crushed mixture is then boiled to obtain 1 cup, and then filtered with a clean cloth, Taken 2 times a day.

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