Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Efficacy Nutmeg Fruit for Health

In indonesia this fruit called buah pala and almost available on whole island. Indonesia has one of the largest nutmeg producer in the world. Because it is so abundant, so do not be surprised if the Indonesian people know how to take advantage of nutmeg. Besides being used as a food seasoning, nutmeg meat can also be processed into sweets, to make cakes can also be.

Nutmeg has a distinctive aroma and flavor, that's the reason why head is so popular and is believed to nourish. Since the first, nutmeg utilized to cure several illnesses, including fever, flu and cough. Effects warm nutmeg is believed to neutralize the body condition of less vit, even nutmeg can also be used to prevent and treat stress.

Savor nutmeg can get from meat, seeds and skin. it contains some chemical that is good for the body, such as myristicin, myristic acid, safrole and eugenol. Nutmeg also has a tranquilizing or sedative effect. Is like a natural sedative sedative, which can make sleepiness if consumed. Nutmeg can be used to help people with insomnia therapy. For those of you that lack of sleep or insomnia can use nutmeg as a natural healing medicine. This herb can be made at home, by mixing a bit of nutmeg (about 5-15 grams) in beverages such as juice or syrup. If you do not like nutmeg in powder form, can also replace it by eating candied nutmeg are now widely sold in the market.

No need to worry about the side effects, because nutmeg did not cause side effects, especially not addictive. Quite consumption of nutmeg 1 fruit per day before bed. For those of you who frequent fatigue and stress due to work pressure, occasional nutmeg should try to calm down from a pretty solid routine. Good luck.

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