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Efficacy Heartleaf (maderavine)

Efficacy Heartleaf (maderavine)
For the people of Indonesia, this plant has been known to have many properties to cure various diseases, among others: the wound after surgery, typhus, gastritis, colitis and hemorrhoids medicine. And can also cope with the swelling and blood clots, restoring the weak condition after the illness, arthritis, bruises o'clock, gout pain and prevent strokes. 

Heartleaf ( Bassela rubra linn ) plants or vines Gondola is included. Almost all parts of this plant Heartleaf beneficial to humans, either the leaves, stems and tubers can be used for herbal therapy. When the seeds are easily purchased at Kopeng attraction. This plant will grow very well in cold and humid environments.

Heartleaf or Gondola is commonly used for a wide variety of wound healing, wound both inside and outside the wound; than that for the adam, Heartleaf is believed to increase vitality.

For use in / on drinking, Heartleaf is believed to cure some of the following diseases: gastritis, typhoid, dysentery, physical fitness (plus eggs and honey), prevent stroke, gout and back pain and heal the wounds after the surgery.

For external use / in brush, leaves and stems finely Heartleaf then rubbed on the affected part is believed to cure several diseases following: a bruise from a blow, exposed to the heat of fire, rheumatism, stiff, sore muscles, smoothing the skin.

Tubers of this plant, believed to cure heart disease, liver, diabetes, kidney and intestinal inflammation

Benefits and efficacy of stem Heartleaf for impotence is a way: take the sap and then rub on the shaft of the penis, let some time, now you are ready to perform the task with the wife. Other ways: rod hammered with kencur (Kaempferia galanga L.) (3 cups to 1 cup) drink every night for one week.

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