Thursday, June 26, 2014

Efficacy daffodil

Daffodil or Crynum asiaticum L
Habitat: Grows wild and as an ornamental plant at the edge of the area on the shady banks of the river lowlands to 700 m asl.
Description of the plant: annual Terna, approximately 1 meter high. Pseudo stem, erect, soft, and greenish white. Single leaf, shape lanceolate, pointed tip, base obtuse. Inflorescence umbrella shape, the base of the crown adjacent to form a funnel, white, long pistil, purple, orange anthers. Fruit boxes, ovoid
Plant part used: Whole plant

Chemical Ingredients: Likorina; Krinidina; Hemantamina; Krinamina

Efficacy: Analgesic; Antibengkak; expectorant

Simplesia Name: Cryni asiatici Bulbus, Cryni asiatici Folium

The traditional recipe:

Rheumatism, skin inflammation, boils and ulcers:
Fresh daffodil leaves to taste, heated over low heat, then kneaded, Pinned on the sick.

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