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Efficacy bratawali leaf

Daun bratawali/brotowali or Tinospora tuberculata Beumee
Habitat: It grows wild in the woods and in the fields.
Description of plants: Perdu climbing. Stem of the ring finger, with many eyes and warts, irregular, bitter, hard and not runny. Heart or arrow-shaped leaves with long stalks and large. Flowers pale green, three-strand in the institution and is not perfect. Fruit bunches are in the pink

Plant part used: Trunk; leaf
Chemical Ingredients: Pikoretine; alkaloids; berberine; Columbine.
Efficacy: Antipiretikum; tonic; Antiperiodikum; diuretikum; antidiabetic.
Simplesia Name: Tinosporae Caulis.

The traditional recipe:

1. Fever:
110 ml water, Trunk bratawali 3 g; Sembung (Blumea Balsamifera) 6 g; 4 g leaf kumis kucing/cat whiskers (Orthosiphon aristatus); 4 g galangal rhizome; boiled or pills, Drink 1 a day as much as 50 ml.

2. Rheumatism
Water 110 ml, Trunk bratawali 2 g; Rhizome kencur (Kaempferia galanga L.)7 g; Seeds celery 2 g; Young cashew leaves 5 ​​g; Made infusion or crushed, Drink 1 a day 100 ml, if made ​​a day its water drink 1 1/4 cups.

3. Itching:
Trunk bratawali taste; 1 pot of water, boiled until boiling for 15 minutes, used to soak away, especially on the part of the itching.

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