Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Benefits of Mumbay Onions for Cholesterol

Benefits of Mumbay Onions for Cholesterol
Mumbay onions from Indonesia called garlic and onions only. Bawang bombay or Mumbay Onion ( Allium Cepa Linnaeus ), is an onion that is not coming from Indonesia. Mumbay onions have to come from outside Indonesia. However, it turns out onions still on one lineage with red onions. This onions come in Indonesia because it was brought by traders from India Mumbay. Mumbay onions is a two-season crop that is usually only cultivated as crops. In a study turns onions can lower cholesterol kit that we can use as an alternative medicine.

Mumbay onions are in the allicin content, amino acids, calcium, manganese, sodium, sulfur, vitamin C, vitamin E, essential oils, Quercitin, and curcumin Based on research, the ingredients contained by Onions has benefits to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, increasing the amount of HDL (good cholesterol) by 30%, improves blood vessel constriction and hypertension, relieve colds, relieve abdominal pain, lowers blood sugar levels, prevent cancer, prevent the breakdown of insulin in the liver, stimulates the production of insulin by the pancreas, and pressing osteoporosis attacks.

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