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Bangle for multiple desease cure

Usually called bangle or Zingiber purpureum Roxb.
Habitat: This plant can grow well with a height of 1300 m above sea level, and many home grown yard
Description of the plant: Plants trunked false, such as ginger, which reaches 1.5 meters and include Clumping plants. Rhizome tastes spicy, bitter and unpleasant smelling yellow.

Plant part used: Rhizome.

Chemical Ingredients: Organic acids; minerals; fat; Gom albuminoit; sugar; Resin (bitter); Essential oils (Sineol, pinene, sesquiterpenes).

Efficacy: carminative; Anti-inflammatory; analgesics; antipyretic.

Simplesia Name: Rhizoma purpurei Zingiberis.

The traditional recipe:
(The drug is used as a rhizome and leaves).
1. Jaundice
2. Fever, headache
3. Coughing up phlegm
4. Stomach aches, colds
5. Constipation
6. Hospitals Yellow
7. Wormy}
8. Rheumatism
9. Concoction of herbs in women after childbirth
10.shrink stomach after childbirth
11. Overweight

1. Stomach feels full.
2. Less appetite.
Method of cultivation: Using rhizome, maintenance is easy and requires little shade.

Diseases that can be cured and how to use them.

1. Fever colds: 
1/2 cup of hot water and 2 tablespoons of honey, 15 g fresh rhizome then washed and shredded,  Toss well then squeeze and drink 2 times a day.
2. Stomach heartburn:
Ginger scented kencur ( Kaempferia galanga ) each half washed and sliced ​​fingers, Rhizome bangle, ginger. Boil water with 1 cup clean up the rest of the half cup, strain and drink the water.
3. Headache and fever:
Rhizome taste shredded added a little water until it becomes dough like mush used as apply on forehead.
4. Jaundice:
Rhizome bangle half fingers washed and shredded. Add water and cook honey 1 tablespoon each, squeeze, strain and drink 2 times a day.
5. Joint pain:
Rhizome fresh taste washed, shredded and then mixed with wine as a dilute slurry, sprinkle to part gets sick.
6. Shrinking the stomach after childbirth:
Rhizome, wash and grate and sprinkle gets stomach.
7. Wormy:
Rhizome bengle 3 fingers, black meeting 2 fingers, coriander seeds 5 and 5 pieces of betel leaves, washed, sliced ​​and pounded. Add 1/2 cups cooking water, squeezed, strain and drink.

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