Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Banana Skin Benefit

Yes..banana skin also has so many efficay for human body. for those of you who like a tropical fruit native to this one, go on, because there would be no harm in you eating a banana is rich in vitamins and miral this, but it turns behind the fruit that is rich in vitamins and minerals it turns banana peel can also be utilized without the need to waste. 

From a study in the American states that there are many benefits that can be drawn from this one banana. 

Some of the benefits of a banana skin for a healthy body are:

1. Relieves pain
Vegetable oils contained in the banana peel has a certain compound that is efficacious as a pain reliever. Paste the banana skin clean and fresh to reduce pain in burns or scratches.

2. Overcoming itch
Itching from insect bites or allergies can be treated with a mild banana skin. The way is to put them on the surface of the skin that itch.

3. Treating warts
Banana peel is believed to have antiviral activity, so many are using it to ward off warts from the skin surface. You do this by placing a banana peel, then arrested with plaster and allowed to heal by itself.

4. Accelerates wound healing
The wound was dry itchy flaky dead skin as it is covered hardened. The flakes can be removed more quickly just by applying a banana skin, because it will react with the enzymes contained therein.

Hopefully a few points about the benefits of banana peel could be usefull.

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