Thursday, June 26, 2014

Artemisia healing

Artemisia vulgaris L
Habitat: It grows wild in fields and plantations at an altitude of 500-3000 m above sea region.
Description of the plant: Plant shrubs perennials, 30-90 cm high. Woody stems, round, branched, dirty white color. Single leaf, spread hairy, 8-12 cm long, 6-8 cm wide, the upper surface green, lower surface whitish. Compound interest, the shape of the leaves and axillary panicles at the end of the rod, a small, brown color

Part of plant: All parts of the plant

Chemical Ingredients: Essential oils; Artemisin bitter substances; Kuebrakit; Tauremisin; Sitosterina; adenine; Tetrakosanol; Ferneol; Stigmasterina; Amirin; tannins; resin

Efficacy: Analgesic; anthelmintic; diuretics; spasmolytic; hemostatic; Stomakik

Simplesia Name: Herba Artemisiae

The traditional recipe:

1. Menstrual pain:

Water 110 ml, Artemisia herb 2 g; Leaf poko ( Mentha arvensis ) 3 g; Rhizome Puzzle 3 g; Herba jung rahab ( Baeckea frutescens )2 g; Made infusion, brewed or crushed, Drink 1 a day 100 ml; when crushed drink 1 a day 1/4 cups

2. Rheumatism, eczema:

Enough water, Artemisia herbs fresh 6 g; Rhizome fresh kencur 7 g; 7 g of fresh turmeric rhizome; Ketepeng ( Senna alata )4 g; Amethyst leaves 3 g; contused onto shaped pasta, Applied on the affected part.

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