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Andong plants

Andong (bahasa ) or Cordyline fruticosa (L) A.Cheval is generally found in indonesian house garden.
Plants carriage is one of the plants grown in the garden or in gardens as a hedge plant. These plants come from East Asia, including in Indonesia. Plants buggy has the scientific name Cordyline fruticosa (L.) A. Cheval. 

General characteristics of the plant twigs with former carriage has ring-shaped leaf loss. Plant the shrubs branched buggy with 2 to 4 meters high. The leaves grow at the ends of branches, crowding the spiral arrangement. Stalk leaves shaped like a gutter. Line or lancet-shaped leaves with a length of 1 to 13 centimeters. The base is wedge-shaped, tapered end portion and a green, red or mottled. Plants carriage has a variety of flavors, some sweet, fresh and nothing is cool.

Benefits carriage plants aplenty, among others, as conditioning the blood, stopping bleeding and destroy a blood clot in the event of a bruise. This can be done by plants in the carriage because there is a carriage plant chemical constituents, such as saponins, tannins, flavonoids, polyphenols, stereoida, polysaccharides, calcium oxalate and iron.

Most parts of the plant used horse carts are part of the flower, leaves and roots of the rhizome. Benefits buggy taken from the leaves of plants have medicinal properties to stop bleeding (hemostatic), anti-inflammatory, pulmonary TB cough blood, bloodstains out during pregnancy (miscarriage possibility), menstrual blood out very much, bloody urine (hematuria), bleeding hemorrhoids, wounds bleeding, diarrhea, dysentery, stomach pain and heartburn. Most people use the first carriage leaves for cough accompanied by blood and medicine for menstrual discharge too much.

How to use for drugs taken: 

- Boil carriage leaves (15-30 g), dried flowers (9-15 g) or roots (6-10 g).

How to use external medicine: 

- Wash the leaves are still fresh enough horse cart, then cut into pieces and added approximately 1 g of salt.

- Milled and pulverized into powder, then put on the wounds and bandaged immediately.

Getting treatment plant carriage of benefits:

1. To treat bloody urine, menstrual blood and coughing too much. 
- Boil fresh leaves buggy (60-100 g) or the carriage of dry roots (30-60 g) with three cups of water until the remaining 1 cup.

- Once cool strain and divided equally much, drink for the morning and afternoon.

2. To treat diarrhea or dysentery.
- Boil fresh leaves buggy (60-100 g) or dried flowers carriage (10-15 g) with three cups of water until the remaining one cup.

- Once cool then strain and put into three glasses, to drink morning, noon and night.

3. To treat hemorrhoids. 
- Wash the leaves and leaf blade carriage three Wungu seven strands were still fresh, then cut into pieces and boiled with three glasses of water to boil until only one cup remaining.

- Once cool then strain and drink. Do it every day until the pain is gone.

4. To treat stings by venomous animals.
- Minced fresh carriage leaves until smooth, then heat over the fire, while still warm then apply on the body stung and bandaged.

- Replace buggy and dressing mill leaves 2-3 times a day.

5. To treat gingivitis. 
- Scrape off the bark carriage taste.

- Add a little salt, stirring until smooth, then apply on the inflamed gums.

Similarly, some of the benefits of nutritious crops carriage for our bodies as a panacea. Hopefully useful and add insight.

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